Strip vs. Downtown

It doesn’t take a local to figure out there is a vast difference in dress code between Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street frequenters. The luxurious resorts and celebrity studded clubs demand easy on the eye socialites (preferably in label whore clad fashions)

while the vintage spread and stench of downtown is perfect for elderly visitors “reliving their Vegas days” and the alternative crowd. Apparently they feel the need to prove that the glitz and glamor synonymous with Vegas is not all it is cracked up to be and want to show the world how to dress. They go to First Fridays to parade around in their idea of Haute Couture: ripped jeans, hand me down shoes and over-abused band t-shirts. Not to burst their bubble but this look has been around for quite some time.

Perhaps it is time they updated their demure look by joining the 21st century and looking towards artistic designers like Rag&Bone, Rock&Republic and All Saints (now open at the Cosmopolitan) for inspiration. While we appreciate their individuality, there is no need for them to look like they are in anywhere USA. This is Fabulous Las Vegas, and fabulous they are not.

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