Convention Characters

As locals we have the pleasure of knowing exactly what kind of convention is in town not by looking at the calendar but by looking at passerby’s on the street. They come in waves decked in memorabilia for/from their gathering blissfully unaware of the fact that not everyone is partaking in the event.

Take the recent Rodeo which brought in real life Joe Dirt’s to Sin City, entertaining no? And while Elvis impersonators are no stranger to the Strip, the Rock N Roll Marathon took the King to places never before ventured. But perhaps the the most anticipated is the one with the largest following of fans who do not always admit they are in the know.

That’s right the Adult Entertainment Expo is coming to the promised land. So if you happen to notice an increase from the usual population of silicon dolls take note that it is not a sign the plastic surgeon is getting more business. Bummer. These visitors have flown from all over to be awarded for their bought looks and late night talent. The good news is that they simply cannot be seen in cliche Victoria’s Secret.

How is this good news? Well take a stroll down our fine city and notice all of our suffering lingerie shops. Hopefully they will turn to the likes of Agent Provacateur and Kiki de Montparnasse for their special night. If all they will wear is a nightie it might as well be luxurious.


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