Get Real

Not that anything is nowadays. Relax I am not here to talk about removing your implants, I’m here to talk to you about resisting the temptation to buy replicated designer goods. Odds are you have seen these items on the arms of acquaintances or even being sold on the streets…and if you are an offender, you may even have them in your closet.

Avoid Like The Plague

What is the big deal?  Other than the fact that you are making a fool of yourself waltzing around with goods that are clearly fake (yes we can tell the difference), you are helping scummy companies cash in on the work of the original artist. Thankfully you will be seeing less of these fakes with the support of The Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act.

Louis Vuitton Ad

Much like copyright laws inventors and authors have to keep the integrity of their work, this Act backed by the CFDA will keep unique designs from entering the black market. Police raids are taking place everyday putting counterfeit vendors behind bars under grounds of piracy. So save yourself the hassle and the potential mugshot by shopping retail in one of our many casinos.


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