Lacking Stripes

Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, Van Cleef & Arpels…sigh. No sight of the one store that has it all.

The store whose brown and white stripes stir feelings of uncontrollable excitement in fashionista’s across the country…Henri Bendel.

Despite being blessed with incredible retail in multiple locations on Las Vegas Boulevard it is hard to believe that we don’t carry this historic playground.

Satisfying our accessory needs since 1895 on Fifth Avenue, the brand has expanded its reach to multiple cities. When will they come to us? Is Ohio really higher up on the list of the roll out schedule? Perhaps the most disappointing news of all is that there are no foreseeable plans for a store to pop up in our beloved town anytime soon.

When the Cosmopolitan announced that they were bringing in retailers not yet available in Las Vegas there was a possibility that we would soon be entering the mecca which is Henri Bendel. But alas the retailers were announced and the store was not on the list. Sigh.

For now all we can do is to travel to the flagship store which is used in several scenes in Gossip Girl and whose top floor is home to the flagship Frederic Fekkai Salon.

You can also travel to the other 10 stores, because I’m sure Ohio is at the top of your list as well. And if you have read this without knowing the featured subject, educate yourself at:

Henri Bendel

Here’s to hoping there are good things to come.


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