The Trend Your Man Can Do Without

“Men like to have something to grab onto…other than your ass!” -The Ugly Truth

Mia Farrow

The women of our generation have been taught that confidence is key and that being strong is what will make you stand out. Which is fine, so long as you don’t grow a member while you’re at it.

Rihanna’s Hair Has Seen Better Days

The epidemic of women cutting their long luscious locks in hopes of embodying this superwoman stereotype has taken its toll on the opposite sex. The hard exterior we now exude along with what they call a “dude cut”(no really) is a total turnoff for studs we want to attract.

How did this whole phenomenon come about? Get ready for a short history lesson in Americana beauty. When the 1900’s came about our country was making significant changes politically and socially. As we entered the first World War women started to become more independent by getting jobs in places only men once worked. Short hair became a necessity for safety in the work environment and the stigma was removed due to widespread functionality. However contrary to popular belief the transition in length was a slow and cautious one. Rightly so.

WW1 Hair Victim

Amidst the Roaring 20’s when Prohibition was something to rebel against, women took their hairline to even higher places with the bob. This time the trend spread like wildfire as the popular Flapper look was endorsed by celebrities and influential socialites.

Much to the relief of men, parents and non followers the 1930’s brought back long tresses as THE coveted hairstyle. This held to be true for most of the population until lesbian women began to cut their hair as a signal. It became gay chic.

What A Pretty Boy…

Now, in case you didn’t know, it is no longer a valid signal in our society. Sorry men. How will they know who to stay away from?

Sorry Brit, Had To

Thanks to the likes of Rihanna, Halle Berry and Britney Spears the defensive lineman cut is all the craze. Apparently it makes them powerful? Right.

Yet men would choose Angelina Jolie any day. Long luxurious hair is your best natural accessory! Wear it up or down, curly or straight in any color you wish. That shiny mane has been driving men wild for centuries and why fix what isn’t broken?

Try To Do This With A D-Cut


Blake Lively


Emma Stone


Kim Kardashian

If you want your man to stick around a while and to keep treating you like a pretty princess, stay pretty.


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