Let’s Talk

We all know to put our best stilleto forward in everything we do. Job interviews, first dates, social events…you name it we have the perfect outfit and speech in mind. But have you put any thought into your lips? You know that thing you talk out of? (other than…nah, too easy)
It may have never crossed your mind but when you are talking to someone you actually tend to look at their lips more than their eyes. The human brain is attracted to movement and during a conversation your lips move faster than your eyes blink.
So while your eyes may be perfected thanks to Sephora, it is officially time for you to take better care of what really matters.
If you frequent casinos you know how terrible the smoke is regardless of whether it is new or old. What you might not know is that the longer you are in there the drier your skin and lips become. Scared of wrinkles much?
Enough of the horror stories. The solution? Moisturize. Everything. Stock your purse with a great moisturizer and lip balm.
 A common misconception is that lipgloss or lipstick will cover you but its time to put lie that to bed. Unless you get the good stuff you literally are just slapping on goo. Make it a habit to apply moisturizing chapstick daily before adding on the finishing touches.
 Now I admit it was really hard to find one I liked enough to stick with but after trying dozens upon dozens I have finally found one that works.
Snatch up Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm. It is 100% natural and it works really well. The smell is a little different at first but once you move past that you will definitely be addicted.
Trust, it will save face.

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