Quadjacks Goes Vogue

Living in Vegas you most likely know or are one of the 100 million people around the world who play poker. But really, no one cares if your aces got cracked versus somebody’s Q4 suited. What we do care about, however, is what you are wearing 🙂

November 9 WSOP 2010

Since I am not quite an expert yet on how these players get down on the felt, I went ahead and asked people that know the poker industry inside and out, the guys at Quadjacks. Let me warn you, their response is a bit unsettling for the fashion forward.

From Left: Marco, QuadCider, Zekda Art

Q: What kinds of trends are you following when you take your game to the casinos?

A: If you have a hoodie and some bball shorts you are all set. I would say less than 2.5% of poker players have even had this thought cross their mind -Zekda Art

A: I usually wear a scarf and banana hammocks to the table. It really scares my competition -BudhhaX

A:(shows me a visual) 11 pockets, how can you go wrong -premierw

In short, they can get clearly get dressed in the dark. And I’m sure they have.

Marco and Big Christian

There is a glimmer of hope however when the attention goes to the single, tall, dark and handsome Marco. The Italian born interviewer who speaks 5 languages and will probably one day will be on SNL says he likes to clean up his act in public with his “undertaker’s uniform”. That apparently is code for being a rigidly well-dressed man amongst boys in the biz. Still don’t get the picture? See videos below:

The Famous Phil Laak Featuring The Govna’ 
Marco’s First Day On The Job 
Marco vs. Andy Bloch

While it is still a male dominated sport, there are some powerful women playing the game. What are they wearing? Looking through pictures, seems like the casual attitude fares on. Bummer.

For now, while these people may have a million bucks (or 9 @Jonathan Duhamel), they sure don’t look like it.

Happy Shopping! TID (Take It Down)


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