Shopaholics Anonymous

With the way people work these days you could almost buy the excuse that they have no time to go to the mall…just like we could almost believe they have never seen technology before.


FYI retailers are not hiding under a rock as the world progresses through the digital age. In fact, they are grabbing the bull by the horns and making their in-store selections and even exclusives available online.

Fontainebleau Miami Deal on HauteLook

No matter what brand and price range you usually shop you can find them on your screen with a couple clicks. Don’t like paying full price for retail? You are not alone. There is a large surge in sites who offer you discounts off of your favorite labels.


Not all of them are targeted for the same demographic though. Lucky for you I have done some legwork and can give you the ultimate rundown!

Tory Burch at Net-A-Porter

Before going to the other sites, it your have a particular brand in mind, go to their official site first and check out their sale section. It’s worth a shot especially if you have something specific in mind.

Best All Around Sites:

Haute Look
The sale events are diverse and you can sign up without an invite. Many name brands like to use this a vessel to push their overstocked inventory.

For your beauty products this is the best place to go. Also, if you don’t care much about name brands you can get a lot of great deals on this site across the board.

Although this site requires an invitation, they host great sale events at about the same caliber as Hautelook. (For an invite to this site go here: RueLaLa Invite)

Best Label Whore Sites:

Net A Porter
This is a luxury site so with it comes the “sale” prices you would expect. If you have the means these deals are a great bargain off the original retail tag.

Hosts the most designer sale events held at the same time.

Labels galore! No time limits, everything is there to stay until it sells.

Over-rated Sites:

Gilt Groupe
Not Impressed.

Moroccan Oil at Overstock

What’s better than shopping from the comfort of your own home? Delivery service of course! This is so much better than pizza 🙂

MCQ at Net-A-Porter

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