The Clutch

Have you ever noticed that at every social event we tend to be holding some sort of handicap? Smokes, martini glasses and even your cellphone have all been used as a security blanket.

What is the deal? What are we so scared of at these parties that we feel the compulsive need to hold onto something? Is it not enough to genuinely be involved in the conversation and be immersed in the fun anymore?

Take this observation to reality tv shows. Seemingly on cue, every Real Housewives episode shows the women clutching onto something when they are all in the same room together. Maybe they have a valid reason since they never know when one of them is going to go psycho, but still. Exude sexy confidence!

Now, if you are walking around in the club you should definitely keep your eye on your drink and get a new one every time you leave it unattended. However if your party has a table (which really is the only way to go), you can set the drink down in front of you and relax a bit.

Hasn’t anyone ever told you that it is rude to be glued to your phone when you are in the middle of a conversation? Put your phone in your pocket, and if you really feel the need to check it, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

If you care about your public image at all try to imagine how other people are taking you in. Keep in mind this perceived image can affect you in many ways! A future employer, love interest, or social connection may be seeing you for the first time.

With a smoke in your mouth people are less likely to approach you. A) Not all people are seduced by the stench of carcinogens, the thought of kissing decaying teeth or the possibility of getting coughed on. B) That tortured artist stereotype is incredibly washed out and not wanted here in Las Vegas.

Always being seen with a drink in your hand makes us think you are easily bought. Stay classy…

That damn phone. Well obviously you’re attention is elsewhere. You may as well leave because you are giving off the ultimate fuck off signal.

Here’s a thought, party at the party. No one would ever say their favorite memory is of friend requesting someone on facebook.


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