Stand Up Style

As locals, we know how utterly spoiled we are when it comes to, well, everything! Especially when it comes to entertainment, these stand ups know how to stand out in style.

Robert Duchaine

Notice I didn’t mention whether it is good or bad. This is because they dress just like normal boys hanging out at a party making you laugh harder than you ever thought you could! You kind of just forget about it.

Adam Hunter

Very strategic I would say. Their casual attire and goofy attitude compliment each other and put you at ease.

David Spade

A personal fave and perfect example is David Spade. He is a must see attraction at The Venetian. Click here for ticket info!

I do not recommend getting the VIP tickets because they did not make much of a difference at all. The venue is small and has multiple screens.

Not quite sure if Kevin Farley (the late Chris Farley’s brother) is always part of the act, but he was a great addition to the show.

Kevin Farley

Perhaps the best place to get your laughs is at The LA Comedy Club inside the Four Queens hotel. They have a knack for hiring great talent, headliner or not.

Slip into your favorite flirty-casual outfit and grab a date. You’ll definitely earn some points for this one!


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