Sweet Gifting

Without fail, there is always a yellow candy coated bag on the arms of sidewalkers prancing the Strip.To a chocoholic, M&M’s Worldis the equivalent of Disneyland complete with characters, animation and of course, treats.

Want to play tourist for a day? Wrestle your way through the crowd and marvel at how these little candies became such big retail stars.

You will find everything at this chocolate mecca from t-shirts to shot glasses calling your name…come prepared to give in to a little temptation!

If you go early enough you can catch a 3-D free showing of the movie “I Lost My ‘M’ In Vegas” starring some familiar characters, Red and Yellow.

This is a great place to get gifts to give with a personal touch as well. There is an M&M’s personalization machine that cranks out a batch of your own creation within minutes.

Don’t be afraid to shamelessly re-create a Willy Wonka moment and walk out satisfied with your own yellow bag.

Happy Shopping!


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