Contrary to what many believe, Las Vegans actually have a lot of time for themselves. Perfect for primping, exercising and all that other stuff that you think we do. When if fact, we’re just naturally perfect, actually.

So who do we like to spend our quality time with? Playmates of course!

Their big beautiful eyes, their affectionate nature, their soft fur…by now you should know I’m talking about the cuties from NSPCA


The Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the best place to connect with and adopt a new member of your family.

My Love

The loving animals will definitely keep you active! During their stay at the NSPCA, they are free to interact with all sorts of species, and thus, have no fear. They leave with a great sense of adventure and security.

Purr Palace

Whether you are just starting to grow a family or already have one, these lovable critters are the perfect addition.


Browse the website or stop in and give one of them a home today!


Bonus, you will want to shop all the cute accessories they have for your new companion 😉


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