Ever since my first 3-D movie experience, I have always disliked the feel of the visual handicap that they handed out. The flimsy paper thing cutting into your ear, not pleasant.

Then, they decided to “upgrade” and make you re-use a pair from a previous user, eww! I’m not a big germ-a-phobe but still, having another person’s dead skin cells and grease resting on my face does not make me too happy.

With the future looking towards full on 3-D, I am glad that there are finally vendors willing to sell us our own pair of 3-D glasses. With Gucci and Ray-Ban as front runners and Michael Kors for Marchon following, the future looks good!

If you don’t care much for labels but still want to get your hands on a personal pair of spectacles, you can check out Look 3D Eyewear .You can also find kids sizes here.

So if you are a movie buff and part-time environmentalist, do both right by buying your pair today.


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