Shopping Smart

Regardless of what price point you shop at, shop for pieces that you can love forever (save the fact that you might gain weight, be an innocent paintball bystander or just have terrible taste).

While this may sound like common sense, the reality is that most shoppers tend to snatch up all the current trends without thinking about sustainability. When it comes to the majority of your wardrobe, building it up with classic pieces from as young as you can will pay off.

Think about it. Would you rather look in your closet and see a bunch of ratty clothes that you are sick of looking at or have that gorgeous Chanel jacket, that classic Ralph Lauren white button up, and a collection of designer handbags and shoes you have collected over the years?

I mean, no one ever says “this is my ah-mazing vintage Forever 21 t shirt I kept from high school”. However a smart person could say “this is my first Kate Spade purse I got for my 13th birthday”.

Keep in mind when shopping that trendy items are going to be disposed of and never to be admitted of having. Set a budget each season for trendy purchases and stick to it. No sense of wasting money that could be put towards getting something more fabulous.


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