Pajamas OR Jeans

“Embrace Your Curves” the empowering slogan that has spread like wildfire, encouraging women to get that large side of love handles to complement those thunder thighs. This is America, we eat our feelings.

Supporting that movement is the shift towards lazy friendly garments like the Pajama Jeans. For a limited time, you even get the official t-shirt that goes with it. Your new outfit of choice. I mean, really?

How completely stupendous is it to think that this is the direction people who don’t know any better are going. News Flash: It takes the same amount of effort to put on jeans as it does to put on pajamas. Make a choice.

Notice How The Smallest Size is a 4…WTF
Is this some sort of conspiracy theory Jesse Ventura needs to look into? Are the big-shots in the fast food chains teaming up with the big-shots at the sweatshop factories to create a vicious self feeding cycle?

Bottom line, do NOT get these for yourself or anyone for that matter. They are as bad, if not worse than the infamous “mommy jeans”.

Visitors and locals alike, let’s keep this horrific sight out of the city of Las Vegas. That is all.


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