A warm weather shoe that has stood the test of time and continues to get better with age, espadrilles are one of those classics that women (and men) of all ages can wear.Most modern variations of the shoe are in a chunky wedge heel, which is a great way to make your legs look thinner and longer.
Stuart Weitzman

Now that you know it gives your body the same magic that the hideous clog does, throw them out and get yourself a cute pair of braided rope.

They even come in their traditional form, as flats. But they do not lack in style! Browse options straight from the source in Spain and get a pair for you and your family here.

Marisol Women’s
Bernadette Girls
Alfonso Men’s
Steve Madden

Espadrilles are one of those items you will be able to use over and over again. Find yourself a great classic pair to invest in or just a couple cute ones that don’t mean much, but either way you are going to love wearing them for spring and summer.

They are stylish, can be worn with dresses or jeans, and are extremely comfy. Why wouldn’t you get a pair?

Happy Shopping!

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