Valentine’s Day

With the anticipation of this day building up, I want to help you stress less by planning your outfit beforehand. Want to hear some great news? The expectation to wear red for this occasion is no longer valid.

In fact, step out in another color and you will look très chic! Whether you will be hitting the town as a single lady or going somewhere with someone special, check these options out.

The Single One:

This stunning tunic paired with some shorts and some chunky wedge heels is just soft enough to make you seem carefree and approachable. Just because you didn’t bring a man doesn’t mean you won’t leave alone.

The First Date:

Focus: The Leather Jacket
Focus: The Floral Top
Focus: The Jeans

This ensemble has just the right amount of good girl/bad girl to keep him guessing and guarantee a second date.

The Just A Few Weeks In:

Let him see how the other guys look at you in this dress and he will officially ask you to be exclusive in no time.

The In A Relationship:

Yes, you can…and you should! This beautiful Nanette Lepore dress has so much detail and depth but will not take away from you. Just like the relationship that you have grown, this dress has more than meets the eye.

Love these looks? Shop The Picks and discover an easier way of online shopping, with pieces selected by yours truly.

Happy Shopping!

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