Secret Pizza Place

The best thing about living in a city that never sleeps is that there are places that accommodates our insomnia. In particular, hidden restaurant jewels to satisfy late night cravings.

At the third floor of the Cosmopolitan down a narrow hallway covered with framed pictures is the secret pizza place. Well made New York style pizza available 24/7? Yes please!

The pricing is  unbelievably inexpensive  for a strip hotel, and drink refills are free. It is a great place to grab a quick bite, but don’t go in with expectations of a certain pizza. There is no menu here, what you see is what you get unless you are ordering take out.

Who doesn’t love a great hole in the wall restaurant?

P.S. They make cannolis

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2 thoughts on “Secret Pizza Place

  1. I’m a native Long Islander and I really miss proper NY pizza. We lived in PA for some time and they actually could do a decent pizza. However, I’m now living in the UK and the only pizza places they have is Pizza Hut and Domino’s. I have had to resort to making my own, dough and all and we’re quite happy with that.

    • michaelaisms says:

      I am sure that your home made pizzas taste wonderful! I have a friend who prefers to make their own and the quality is great. Pesto from scratch and the whole 9 yards. Glad to see that you don’t settle 😉

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