Mac Shack

Just the name piques your curiosity! Think of it as the Chipotle of pasta…and if you love pasta you will be addicted to this place. Along with a set menu of popular dishes, Mac Shack also has a “Create Your Own” option where you can choose every component of your meal. The portions are generous and the quality is great so you do get a lot for the price. It is a fun place to meet friends for lunch because there is something for everyone.

An event of note is Meatless Mondays. If you order something without meat on Mondays, you will get 20%off of your order. If you can’t do without it, come to happy hour and get 20%  off like I do! Something that I like to get that is not on the regular menu is Bottle Service: Creamy Vodka Sauce on Penne Pasta with Steak and Mushrooms. It is pretty amazing.

Another exciting thing about Mac Shack is that they have cupcakes from the best bakery in town, The Cupcakery. If you are much more of a fro-yo person, take your receipt over to Golden Spoon a few steps away and get a discount.

If you decide to venture out to try it for yourself, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Mac Shack

8680 West Warm Springs Rd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89148


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