SrslySirius for Best Poker Rapper

My friend Thomas, aka SrslySirius in the internet world, has been nominated by Wicked Chops for Best Poker Rapper! He is one of the most talented people that I have ever met and his contributions to the poker world are iconic of the times. In writing this, I hope that you will take the time to view some samples of his work and perhaps some of his competitors to see that there really is no contest here.

The polls are open until Thursday December 8th…yes that would be tomorrow! Please vote for him here

Earlier this year, the Department of Justice shut down online poker sites sending millions of professional and recreational poker players into a frenzy. This video captures the sentiment of what the poker community thought the government had done.

The main focus of this video is on Howard Lederer, one of the owners of Full Tilt Poker. The company’s inability to return player funds after Black Friday and giving misleading statements put a huge target on him.

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One thought on “SrslySirius for Best Poker Rapper

  1. Haha i love that party at the DOJ video. Hilarious!

    Nice post! 🙂

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