Draft Day!

In my mind, Draft Day marks the beginning of the new season. Sure you could make the argument that the Combine marks the first day, but for me the Draft is where it all gets real. These players have gone through the combines, pro days and individual meetings to get to this point. Will they get drafted? Which round? To which team? 

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you soon will as your social media blows up with opinions on who their team just picked up or didn’t pick up. I am talking about the NFL Draft! 


New talent is coming into the league and it is always exciting to see who will go where and really be a part of their new career. For the avid fans, we have been watching these young men go to war in their college football stadiums and have visualized in our minds months ahead where they should go and where they would fit in (in our expert opinion!) in the NFL. 

This particular draft class has gotten so much attention, many experts (the real ones) say that this is the deepest class they have seen in a really long time. Looking at the prospects it is really hard to disagree! This class is stacked. There are so many quarterbacks who could really become huge stars with good coaching and a little luck. 

I am a 49ers fan and am very excited to see who my team picks up. I was extremely thrown back when we got Blaine Gabbert this offseason- but hey in Harbaugh I trust! There is so much up in the air for my team and I really am anxious to get a clearer picture of what the 49ers roster will look like this season. We have gotten so close these past few years to taking home our 6th Lombardi trophy and have come up just a little short. I need a win! Hoping this is the year the Quest for Six comes to an end and the Quest for Seven starts. 


Although they are not in my division, I am also curious to see who the Panthers pick up. The whole Cam Newton ankle surgery nightmare and them losing Steve Smith has me tossed. Is it even possible for them to be as good this year? We will see. 

Catch up with everyone after the Draft! 

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