NFL Draft Comments through a Faithfulista’s Eyes

Time to strap in everyone! We are about to watch as these young athletes’ careers take off. I always enjoy watching their reactions as their names get called, and of course their families’ tears of joy. While I would have LOVED to be at the 49ers Draft Party I currently live in Las Vegas and a trip to California for the party just wasn’t happening unfortunately. So instead I watched the Draft with my hubby and I wrote all these notes to share with all you lovely people!

Going into this Draft it’s hard to imagine any other name being called than Jadaveon Clowney. That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…we will see. But my gut tells me it’s Clowney!

I will be paying extra attention to my division the NFC West (aka the NFC Best) for obvious reasons, I need to know who I am going up against this year! While I expect most of the selections from the NFC West to be on the offensive side to protect the QB’s, I just know that anyone any of these teams select has to be tough enough to hang.

Houston Texans -Jadaveon Clowney

This was an obvious pick! Clowney is definitely a powerhouse and I really like this pick.

St. Louis Rams -Greg Robinson 

Good job Rams! We are in a tough division and protection in the offense is crucial. Robinson is going to protect the QB, question is who will the Rams put at the position? Bradford is still recovering. This will be interesting.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Blake Bortles

This is a really really good pick! Bortles is from Florida and his fan base is going nuts. He is one of the best QB’s in this draft class and the Jaguars are smart to start building a team around this future star.

Buffalo Bills- Sammy Watkins

Whhhaaatttt?! Ok so first of all, in case you missed it the Cleveland Browns traded down to the 9th pick. I along with the rest of the world were expecting Johnny Football to go to the Browns as the 4th overall draft pick. Major curveball. But anyway since they traded down let’s talk about who the Bills picked. I was for sure thinking it would be Khalil Mack and they go for Sammy Watkins! Biggest shock so far. Yes Sammy Watkins is an incredible player too, but I was definitely expecting them to call out a different name. Khalil Mack!

Oakland Raiders -Khalil Mack

Ok so now Khalil Mack comes into play. He is going to do wonders for the Raiders, they did insanely well for this pick. I wonder if the Bills will kick themselves later on for not getting him?

Atlanta Falcons- Jake Matthews

And another Matthews enters the NFL! Congratulations Falcons, drawing from a good pedigree. Seriously what do they feed their kids? Is it in the water? They are definitely hiding some secret along with the Mannings’ and the Gronkowskis’.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Mike Evans 

Oh bless his heart! His reaction is just priceless. You can’t fake that happiness and gratitude. So happy for him! However, I don’t foresee a very good first season for him. The Buccs have a lot of work to do before they become a force to be reckoned with.

Cleveland Browns- Justin Gilbert

And another JAW DROP moment!!! The Browns flipped with the Minnesota Vikings. They traded down to #9 but now with this trade and went to #8. Instead of them picking up Johnny Manziel as everyone had thought, they instead go with Justin Gilbert! The Browns have been shocking me this entire offseason. They have been making a lot of moves, they are building an insanely talented team.

Minnesota Vikings- Anthony Barr

I really don’t know much about this player (should I be embarrassed?) but judging by the crowd’s reaction he is a good pick up for them. I will have to keep an eye on him as his career progresses.

Detroit Lions- Eric Ebron

How cute is it that he proposed to his fiancee today?! What a great day for him. 10th overall in the draft and a newly engaged man. Apparently people compare him to Vernon Davis (and I am extremely protective over my 49ers) so he must be good.

Tennessee Titans- Taylor Lewan

Offensive Tackle, this is the trend of the draft for sure. It’s all about protecting the QB.

New York Giants- Odell Beckham Jr. 

Umm…nice hair! No really that was not sarcastic. You could just see the joy on the fans’ faces (ok, now that was sarcastic). There was no reaction on the fans’ they put the camera on lol.

St. Louis Rams- Aaron Donald

OMG he is HUGE! This DT is going to be dangerous. Yikes…the Rams are not messing around!

As I wait for the next pick I cannot stop thinking about how crazy it is that Johnny Manziel is still sitting there totally available to any team! The Dallas Cowboys might actually get him! They might have the chance, but even if they do have the chance will they take it?! This Draft has been crazy. 

Chicago Bears- Kyle Fuller

Wow another player from a family full of NFL ties. Another legacy who is sure to have all the support he needs to make it in the league. Good for the Bears!

Pittsburgh Steelers- Ryan Shazier

Yes this is going to sound totally strange to the man who is reading my blog but I am a woman who loves fashion so get over it. I really like his outfit! Such a fresh break from the traditional black suits.

Dallas Cowboys- Zach Martin

WOW. Just wow. Don’t take me wrong I am not taking anything away from Zach Martin because he is actually a stud but I was not expecting that. Johnny Manziel was my choice for them, if not him I was thinking Ha Ha Clinton Dix. And no I am not a Johnny Football groupie, far from it. But because of his ties to Texas I really thought that since the Texans didn’t take him for sure the Cowboys would. He just has that star power that draws crowds. Apparently the Cowboys are going to stand by Tony Romo who consistently loses for them. Hey, one less team to worry about this season!

Baltimore Ravens- C.J. Mosley

Solid choice, ugh I hate to say this but the Ravens really might be good again this year! I mean they do have a Harbaugh for a coach.

 New York Jets- Calvin Pryor

Good pick, but let’s face it the Jets don’t scare anyone!

Miami Dolphins- Ja’Wuan James

They are in the process of rebuilding so this was a good pick up for them. But again, this is another team that just doesn’t frighten anyone lol.

New Orleans Saints- Brandin Cooks

Adding more weapons to the arsenal. They were good last year and judging by this pick they are ramping up to be even better this year.

Green Bay Packers- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Ok I was secretly hoping he would get scooped up by the 49ers but I knew he couldn’t fall that far down in the Draft. Good job Green Bay, he’s a really good pick up. And I like his style 😉

Cleveland Browns- Johnny Manziel (FINALLY!)

The Browns have been all over the board today! Love it. They are playing agro as they should. They traded this pick with the Eagles and finally picked up Johnny Football! The relief on his face was priceless! As much as the people of Texas wanted him I really think that he will have a good shot at starting in Cleveland. He can really prove himself with this franchise and build something there. So happy for him and where he ended up!

Kansas City Chief- Dee Ford

This guy is really strong and it’s good to see the Chiefs thinking ahead. This is how good teams don’t completely fall off the face of the Earth, they keep acquiring good players instead of scrambling at the last minute.

Cincinnati Bengals- Darqueze Dennard 

All around good athlete and will be able to fill in whatever spot they need him in. This is a steal of a pick!

San Diego Chargers- Jason Verrett 

He’s a “shorter” player but really explosive on the field. He is going to do the Chargers good! Plus you have to root for the “shorties” lol. Or at least I do!

Philadelphia Eagles- Marcus Smith

Don’t know about this player (sorry I just can’t keep up with everyone lol). Didn’t seem like the NFL Network commentators were overly excited about him though. But come on he’s a first round pick so he can’t be bad either.

Arizona Cardinals- Deone Bucannon

Honestly anyone ending up in the NFC West who is not going to be on the 49ers roster worries me! He’s a really good safety and that sucks for me, but is good for them.

Carolina Panthers- Kelvin Benjamin

The Panthers definitely needed someone like Benjamin. Losing Smith was a huge deal, and with Cam Newton not 100% and probably not able to practice a whole lot before the start of the season picking up a good WR is a good deal. The Panthers were really tough last year and I am anxious to see how they stack up this year with all the complications.

New England Patriots- Dominique Easley

Hmm, 2 ACL injuries in his history…idk here. But what do I know, the Patriots know how to pick them! The Patriots really need to get a QB to train in the wings…Tom Brady  isn’t getting any younger

San Francisco 49ers- Jimmie Ward

First of all, the Draft Party in San Jose looks SO amazing I really wish I was there. My heart is there with everyone ❤ 

And now for the pick…

For the second year in a row the 49ers pick up a Safety in the first round. Eric Reid definitely worked out for us! Welcome to the 49ers Empire Jimmie Ward, you’ve got your work cut out for you so I hope you’re ready for it 😉

I really could stop this blog post right here lol but the remaining teams are way too important not to mention. Including my new archenemy the Seattle Seahawks.

Denver Broncos- Bradley Roby

Yeah you had better draft someone on defense! You guys got straight up embarrassed at the Super Bowl. I still feel robbed.

Minnesota Vikings- Teddy Bridgewater 

Seattle traded with Minnesota for the last pick of the night. I am not surprised at all with this pick, they need a QB and Teddy Bridgewater is great. Even though his pro day was not his best, looking back at his college tapes you can see the proof. This was a really good decision!

Well that wraps up the first round! Did you watch the Draft? What did you think of these picks? Who would you have chosen for your team?

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