Never Share

Seriously, when it comes to your Sephora account… NEVER SHARE! 

I learned a very important lesson today that I wish I did not have to. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

I got this in my inbox this morning:



Pretty exciting right? This is one of the best bags out there and a good portion goes towards a good cause. Total win! So I click through to the Sephora website to purchase my Sun Safety Kit, added an extra item to qualify for free shipping then check out as normal.

Then I started thinking, there is a high risk of this selling out since it is so popular and it would make a really nice gift (it’s always good to have gifts stocked away for those unexpected birthday parties!) why not remove that extra item I got and instead get a second bag?

So I call Sephora (1.877.SEPHORA) and explain to the very nice representative on the phone what I would like to have done. She says that it shouldn’t be a problem and goes into my account to see what she can do. Then the bomb drops.

She proceeds to tell me that “I” had recently charge back on one of the purchases and am not able to place any orders online until I pay back the $160.42 that got charged back to them. At this point my face looked something like Regina George’s when Cady Heron was trying to explain how to get the value of X. 

I ask what exactly was charged back on and it all comes to me like a freight train. It was an order I placed for the company I work for on my account for someone that we do business with as a gift. We had discussed this and I was tasked with placing the order. I wanted the points so I just ran the order through my account. It was a totally legit charge that my boss must have simply forgotten about or not recognized on the statement. So I explain the situation to my boss and of course get the approval to pay back the amount on the company card yet again

I call Sephora back and talk to another very nice representative about getting my account back in good standing. The rep takes all the credit card info and files the forms needed to rectify the situation. He tells me that it might take up to 24 hours for me to be able to order online again. My heart sinks.

All of this trouble because I wanted extra points on my account! But I have definitely learned to never share your Sephora account with anyone, and if anyone wants you to order something for them put it on your card and have them reimburse you. This way you don’t have to go through this situation. It sucks! One of the perks of being a VIB is getting early access. Right now I am totally handcuffed and helpless. 

If there are any left on Thursday when it goes on sale to the public I will be able to physically go to a store and pick one up. Unless my charge back report is accepted and my account goes back to good standing. 

What a nightmare! 

So please, save yourself all the trouble and never pay for anything with someone else’s card! 

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2 thoughts on “Never Share

  1. Ana Maria says:

    What a horrible experience! Everyone should read this and be forewarned. Thanks for writing this.

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