Faithfulistas: Official 49ers Club For Women Review

Every football fan knows that the wait is long and painful from the time your teams season ended to the start of their next one. So you end up trying to find ways to stay connected to them in the offseason by stalking their twitter and instagram feeds or looking at their blogs.

I clicked through one of the links on a 49ers tweet and ended up on their website. I read the article then I started exploring their site. That’s when I discovered that I have not earned my “official” stripes as a 49ers fan! There it was in the Fans Only section that I came across the Faithfulistas:


How is it that I had no idea there was such a thing?! I couldn’t join the club fast enough and received this email:


I felt so official! Yes of course you can be a fan but something about all of this made me feel like I was really a part of the team. What an awesome feeling! This email was then followed up by a receipt to confirm the purchase. Then after that…nothing! I started to get pretty worried, I know it said from the beginning that it would take 4-6 weeks to get the welcome bag but I felt that being a part of this club there would be emails in my inbox (not that I do not get enough emails every day from certain persistent retailers ahem Victoria’s Secret) about events or something. Anything really would have been great, I even checked my spam folder to no avail.

4 silent weeks went by and I had almost forgotten about it then came a nondescript brown box in the mail. The sender was unrecognizable and I was extremely curious to find out the contents of this mystery parcel! I got my trusty scissors out and opened the box to find another box inside (don’t you love it when that happens?) and the next box was unmistakable. The Faithfulistas swag had arrived!


Here is the first look when I lifted the lid:


Here are all the contents still intact:



And now here are pictures of everything individually!


Faithfulistas Hat



Faithfulistas T-Shirt





Faithfulistas Tote Bag


Faithfulistas Koozie


Faithfulistas Spirit Beads



Faithfulistas Compact Mirror

The sign up page did not mention the hat, but then again they did state that I would be getting an e-newsletter and invitations to exclusive events which I have not received. I really like the quality of the items I received and am curious to see if there will be more to this membership or if it was basically a gift set and nothing more.

I did sign up for Ladies of the Empire aka LOTE and have noticed that they do actively send out emails with invitations to events and focus on engaging the members which is nice. Membership is free but you also do not get any sort of welcome kit like above.

Are you a part of the Faithfulistas and/or Ladies of the Empire? Which do you prefer?

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2 thoughts on “Faithfulistas: Official 49ers Club For Women Review

  1. Renee says:

    I have to ask, did you happen to get invited to training camp? Or, perhaps get any other invitations to the new stadium?

    • michaelaisms says:

      I did get one invitation from them for training camp but other than that I haven’t heard anything else. LOTE on the other hand has been sending me emails regularly.

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