Colin Kaepernick Signs 6 Year Extension

I am one happy Faithful today! Kaepernick has officially signed on for 6 more years with the 49ers and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It is a monster contract, $126 Million with $61 Million guaranteed. Yes that is a lot of money and there are a lot of haters already writing the next 6 years off as a loss but I really think that Kaep will prove them wrong.


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While it has been heartbreaking being so so so close to finishing the Quest for Six and entering the Quest for Seven but it all falling through at the last minute I believe that will change. It just has to. Harbaugh and Baalke have been building an amazing team and with Kaepernick secured at the QB position before the season begins it will ease the tension and let everyone focus on winning.

I have been so nervous this off-season thinking about when Kaepernick will get his extension and about Harbaugh so this is a huge relief. Now if only we can get Harbaugh’s contract gets extended as well before the season starts I’d be an even happier camper.

And no, I am not one of those girls who just worships Colin- In fact I actually think I have screamed at him more through the tv than praising him. I think that there is a lot of things he needs to work on and our window to get to the Super Bowl and win is closing in. He really needs to step it up and take us to the promised land.

But looking at what has already accomplished in the short period of time he has been with us and seeing his drive and passion to become better makes me very optimistic about our future. With is position secure this should put his mind at ease and give him the confidence to make those tough calls on the field.

So screw the haters, I hope that Colin knows that the true Faithful fans are going to stand behind him and are excited for him! This is a big deal, and as he matures I see him blowing away all of our expectations.

I can’t wait to get this season started!




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