June 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag

I can’t tell you how excited I was when the concierge called and said that I had a package waiting for me because I knew, it had to be my ipsy glam bag. I had only been tracking it all day haha.


When I went to pick up my package the guy at the concierge desk was super curious at what was in the bag, he informed me that they received 3 of these bags today so there are apparently 2 other ipsters in my area. I could tell that he wanted me to rip into it right in front of him to satisfy his curiosity but I resisted and took it straight home to take pictures!


This is the first look inside of the bag, I was thrilled to see the Ole Henriksen truth to go wipes! I love Ole Henriksen and have been using quite a few of their products lately.

Here is a shot of everything in the bag:


1. Ipsy Makeup Bag by Rebecca Minkoff and  Pretty In Paradise Leaflet

2. Ole Henriksen truth to go wipes

3. Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

4. Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner

5. Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

6. NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair

All the leaflet basically says is to check out ipsy.com for offers from the June brands and to take a picture with the bag and share it to their social media for a chance to win a year subscription. I figured, why not…so I did!


Slim chance they will actually pick me but worth a shot haha.

Overall I am very happy with everything that I got in this bag. The only brand that I have used in this bag before is Ole Henriksen so I will be getting to try a couple other brands which is always nice. I am also running out of both eyeliner and mascara so this bag was perfectly timed! I am also excited to try the Dream Waves Beach Spray in second day hair to add texture.

securedownload (12)

securedownload (13)

securedownload (14)

Did you get a glam bag this month? Were you happy with what you got?

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