Glossybox recently hosted a #GlossyChat with a company called ThirdLove and at the end of the chat there was a giveaway for a free ThirdLove bra of your choice. Believe it or not, I actually won! The cool thing about ThirdLove is that they offer cups in 1/2 sizes which is really unusual for an affordable lingerie company. I also like that they have smaller band sizes available, because if you are petite you KNOW how big of a deal that is! 

There were two other winners selected and we were all told to email Glossybox to give them some information to pass on to ThirdLove. A very nice lady from ThirdLove emailed me a few days later and asked me which bra I wanted. I opted for a basic just to concentrate on the fit and to see how I like it. She told me that the package would be headed my way soon and it got to me very quickly! 


The bra came in such a cute package!





I have never received a bra that came with it’s own dust bag, that was a unique touch. Here is a close up of the bra from the website:


It is a very comfortable bra, I would say that it is close in fit to the new Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt bra. It has a touch more padding but it is still extremely true to form. If you are looking for a push up bra this is not for you. 

Overall, I like what I received. I like that the band size is smaller than what I can get at Victoria’s Secret, I like that they can cater to more women by offering half sizes and I also like how light and comfortable it is. 

Looking around the site they have some gorgeous bras that I am interested in. Everything I have seen offers light to moderate coverage.


I am definitely excited to try more from the brand! For such pretty bras they are affordable compared to higher end lingerie and at the same price point or even a little less than Victoria’s Secret. If you are have a hard time finding a bra to fit perfectly I recommend giving this company a try. Their half cup sizes are great and like I mentioned earlier, the smaller band sizes are awesome! 

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