Diagnosed Chocoholic

Opinionated Fashionista

Deep Thinker

Unconditional Lover

Free Spirit

…Vertically Challenged.




Dedicating an entire blog to one particular topic is incredibly demanding and exhausting. As a person who does not respond well to restrictions, I have decided to create no boundaries here. Just my thoughts, found inspirations and the occasional rant.

If we were all privy to each other’s inner thoughts, people watching would be an even better hobby than it already is. Unfortunately not everyone has that sidekick ability. All we can do is keep refreshing our news feeds for a tiny glimpse into the lives of the people we are connected to. Most of which are mere acquaintances who express themselves through coded phrases or song lyrics. Is it a cry for help? Or perhaps a proud bold statement that no matter how much you think you know this person, you will never be able to fully understand them?

This is an invitation for you to see this world through my eyes. Who am I? My name is Michaela, and I do not want to be defined just yet.


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