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Glossybox recently hosted a #GlossyChat with a company called ThirdLove and at the end of the chat there was a giveaway for a free ThirdLove bra of your choice. Believe it or not, I actually won! The cool thing about ThirdLove is that they offer cups in 1/2 sizes which is really unusual for an affordable lingerie company. I also like that they have smaller band sizes available, because if you are petite you KNOW how big of a deal that is! 

There were two other winners selected and we were all told to email Glossybox to give them some information to pass on to ThirdLove. A very nice lady from ThirdLove emailed me a few days later and asked me which bra I wanted. I opted for a basic just to concentrate on the fit and to see how I like it. She told me that the package would be headed my way soon and it got to me very quickly! 


The bra came in such a cute package!





I have never received a bra that came with it’s own dust bag, that was a unique touch. Here is a close up of the bra from the website:


It is a very comfortable bra, I would say that it is close in fit to the new Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt bra. It has a touch more padding but it is still extremely true to form. If you are looking for a push up bra this is not for you. 

Overall, I like what I received. I like that the band size is smaller than what I can get at Victoria’s Secret, I like that they can cater to more women by offering half sizes and I also like how light and comfortable it is. 

Looking around the site they have some gorgeous bras that I am interested in. Everything I have seen offers light to moderate coverage.


I am definitely excited to try more from the brand! For such pretty bras they are affordable compared to higher end lingerie and at the same price point or even a little less than Victoria’s Secret. If you are have a hard time finding a bra to fit perfectly I recommend giving this company a try. Their half cup sizes are great and like I mentioned earlier, the smaller band sizes are awesome! 

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Las Vegas Epicurean Affair




Sick brag, this will be my 2nd Las Vegas Epicurean! I can hardly contain myself. A meet and greet with the great Julian Serrano, passed hors d’oeuvres and a mysterious gift bag to be handed out to the VIP’s (which maybe might include me!) followed by an evening of sampling dishes and cocktails by the best that Sin City has to offer. And in case you haven’t been to Las Vegas in the past few years… the best of the best have set up shop here and show no signs of stopping. 


I look forward to an indulgent night and will try to remember to take some pictures for you all! 

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Nerd Block Jr.

As an aunt and godmother I feel a certain responsibility to be a part of my nephew/godson’s life. The problem is I do not live in the same state as he does and that makes it a bit difficult! So the guilt ensues and one has to get creative with the process. 

I have recently become a subscription box addict (thanks to CoCo Rocha’s Fancy Box) and have since been taken down the rabbit hole of endless monthly gift possibilities. I did not realize how many types of subscription boxes there are out there! But that is a conversation for another time entirely 😉

On my journey to Wonderland I stumbled upon a really cute subscription box for kids, Nerd Block Jr! Here is a little bit about the box:

Nerd Block contains licensed merchandise, hand-picked by our team of uber-nerds representing all genres from movies, television, video games, internet, and more! Each item is carefully selected and put through a series of in-house testing based on quality, brand association, collectability, and most important – fun factor.

Working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Nerd Block not only delivers on value but also rewards members with exclusive items found nowhere else! At Nerd Block we live by our motto: GEEK TESTED NERD APPROVED 

So basically for $13.99 plus shipping and handling (oh and a small currency conversion charge from my bank since I live in America not Canada) my nephew/godson get a box full of surprises every month! Addressed to his name of course. This was the first month of the subscription for him and I was a bit anxious to see how he would like it. 
I got the tracking information in my inbox and only had to click the link 5 times over the period of 3 days to find that the box made its way to his adorable little hands. This is what his mother posted on Instagram for me to see:
That look on his face? Priceless! It makes me happy to know that every month I can put a smile on his face and be a part of his life…at least until the excitement wears off lol. 
I think this is a fabulous gift for those special kids in your life! There is also a Nerd Block Jr for Girls, a Horror Block and for the bigger kids… the classic Nerd Block is always a good choice!
Are you signed up for Nerd Block or one of their variations? Do you or your loved one enjoy it?  
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